Within 3 years, be one of the main Peruvian suppliers of goods made of alpaca hair and other fibres for abroad.


MUNDO ALPACA is a new option for the international markets in the manufacturing of goods made in natural fibres and whose growth is based on its development capacity and handling of smalls outsourcings and clusters for productions, creating many fonts of work and achieving on this way low cost and prices for a modern and competitive world.

The Founders

When we thought about a new option of manufacturing for the world, we definitively considered not only the quality and deliveries on time but also the low price without going against the comfort and economy of the workers. We now that’s perfectly possible thanks to a good administration, correct times, fair payments and absolutely a respect of the human values, our most important capital.

We noted however the growing of the world markets for our country, our small manufacturers who now represent important outsourcings do not had a sensible profit on their business, that’s because they are not well paid and many times exploited, that must change, how to demand a good quality in the work without a good life quality?.

Our goal in Mundo alpaca is to achieve a deserving labour world, join us, we are positive that we all together can get it.

!!Welcome to the marvellous world of the alpaca…..!!

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